Content Delivery Networks


If you have a very large website, e-commerce site, a site with a lot of international traffic or just want your website to load blazingly fast, then a AWS Content Management SystemsContent Delivery Network (CDN) is something you should consider.  A CDN is a network of servers and hubs called Edge servers located all over the world. These servers store your static content (content that does not normally change very often). When a user requests a page, any static content is served from the nearest Edge server, radically reducing server requests for page resources and really speeding up your page loads. Inland Internet Solutions is an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner and can assist you with deploying a site on AWS CloudFront. Call us today or use the form on the right to get started.

Are a few milliseconds THAT important?

Actually, for most small sites it isn’t and there are other ways to optimize speed for those properties. However, if you are in a highly competitive niche like ecommerce, page load speed becomes important. Google has made it clear that page load speed is a contributing factor in search rankings and will carry more weight moving forward. From a purely end user stand point, if your page takes 5 seconds to load, there is a good chance that the user requesting it has already hit the back button and is long gone before your page finishes loading.  That means a missed sale or contact that somebody else got, which add up over time. CDN’s are useful in mitigating those issues.

A note on loading speed

A wide variety of factors effect how fast a page will load, most of which should be addressed prior to investing in a CDN. Below is Google’s offical PageSpeed Insight tester. Enter your site’s URL and in a few seconds the tester will return your results showing where your website can improve it’s performance. If you need some assistance in performing the speed optimization required, give us a call at 509.216.1454. or request a FREE site evaluation using the form below.

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